Love My Skin NAKED Body Scrub

Love My Skin Naked is our signature sugar scrub that is unscented. Almost everyone in Regina's immediate circle, from her son, grandchildren, cousins and the list goes on, has eczema so she created LMSKN to lock in their prescription medicines along with some quick relief of itching/scratching.

It is made with fine grained white sugar that provides sensitive skin with a gentle exfoliation, added nourishing oils to attack dryness by penetrating the pores and traveling swiftly underneath the skin and extra butters to lock in the oils and add protection from air or evaporation. Follow this product up with our matching naked cream to take your moisture the distance.

3-n-1 Body Scrub Exfoliates, Moisturizes & Scents your skin all at once. Treat your skin to a real spa affect right inside your bathroom. Polish, Glaze & Nourish your outer layer with real sugar, nourishing oils, butters & vitamin e.

How to use: Cleanse with your regular body wash then apply to wet skin by scooping palm size helpings from jar, scrub from neck to toe (excluding your face), rinse off under warm shower water. Simply pat or air dry and whalaaa~


Warning: Our body scrubs are highly addictive; you will not want to shower without one.

Caution: Can be very slippery in the shower!

Main ingredients: Sugar, shea butter, fragrance and vitamin e

Color: No Color, Natural

Shelf Life: One Year

Price & Packaging: We reserve the right to change prices and packaging at any time.

Product Released 5/23/2012

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