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Hey Sweet People! 

Since I was a young girl, I would spend hours with my grandmother Ella Mae in her kitchen, as well as her huge garden, learning her craft.  She and I would pluck muscadine grapes from the vines alongside her long driveway to make wine with.  The apricot and apple trees in the back of her house were plentiful, the fruit would fall to the ground from ripeness and readiness; With her special recipe, we made jam from scratch then canned them in jars.  After spending hours under the sun picking corn, peas, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green tomatoes, okra, greens, turnips, onions and peppers, we would clean and shuck for the rest of the evening.  My favorite part of being in the kitchen with her was watching her bake teacakes, cookies, cakes and pies.  I paid close attention to which ingredients were being used and I watched how she mixed, needed and blended everything together.  Little did I know how all of that, that was taking place would become the air that I breathe! 

In January 1994, I began dabbling in body oils.  Selling small sample vials and 1/3oz glass roll-ons of inspired brand names to anyone who said hello to me or even gave me a friendly look.  I didn't have startup money so I grabbed my supply from my (then) boyfriend's mother.  She had the wholesale connect, but the street connects were mine, we were a perfect duo.  After seeing the amount of money I had to turn in to her, every couple of days, with no profit for myself, I asked her if she could either pay me or give me a connect.  She said, "let me think about it", but instead, she wanted to sell me her supply for double the cost that she spent for it.  At first, I went for it, but then, my intellect brought me to a screeching hault! 

The world wide web didn't exist during that time so I called the operator and asked her to look up any business that had body oils attached to it's name.  She gave me a few different numbers, I called them all and requested samples to test the quality. 

Once I was able to narrow down my selections, I was ready to begin.  Back then you could place orders with certain body oil companies and pay cash on delivery via UPS.  Because I knew so many people, I was able to take enough pre-orders, get their cash in advance, place a wholesale order with the company, then pay cash for my box when it arrived at my door.  I spent all of my pre-order money and profit money on more inventory.  

I made a list of all the scents that I ordered, then, I went to the library and made hundreds of flyers to pass around.  I placed a picture of my face at the top of the paper and wrote REGINA'S GOOD SCENTS next to it.  This would be the beginning of a roller coster ride! 

I was making so much money that I started getting invites to baby showers, bridal showers, senior living communities, the cafeteria at folks jobs and any party anyone was having.  My appointment book became FULL and I became OVERWHELMED!  This is what brought on the idea to clone myself, or so I thought.  I asked a few people that I knew, if they were interested in taking orders for me.  I offered them either free product or a percentage of the sale, low and behold, thirteen sales reps were birthed from that idea! 

The load was so heavy that it caused me to quit my job in 2004 and open a store.  In 2005 the Good Scents Oils flagship was open and ready for business! 

By this time, the world wide web was born so I had a developer to create an online store, more orders came.  Moving forward to 2011, GSO had nearly three hundred wholesale reps.  Women and men sold the goodscentsoils brand all over the USA including the UK.  

Sales reps were booking events on top of events and, we were being exposed by bloggers, and then one day, my phone rang and it was TAGS BOUTIQUE calling me, owned by Kandi Burress and her partner Hortense (Peaches) Chin.  They said "we tried your body scrubs and we love them.  If you could put a huge order together, we want to sell them in our boutique".  Child, I hung up that phone and fainted!!! We will be forever grateful for the years TAGS did business with GSO! 

Each year I would master my craft in such a way that people would return time and time again.  Because the body oil market is so competitive, I moved away from what people loved about GSO (the inspired oils) and began making bath and body products, remembering being in the kitchen, watching my grandmother cook and bake and with all of the products she used, I pulled out everything in my fridge and my cabinets the. Made a list and headed to the grocery store.  I took a 10lb bag of sugar and stared at it, I prayed over it and asked my God to let it take me the distance, and it did! Every idea I came up with just continued to take me to new heights.  

Right now, I have reached a turn of the tides.  I have taken a much needed break.  Sometimes you just need to shut down and rethink things, but here we are, GSO is open and back busy again. Thanks to all of you!

My mission is to continue to spoil, provide and introduce GOOD SCENTS OILS to every woman, man and business with the products that I make from scratch with passion and love.  I want the people talking, talking about, their AFFECT, once they've tried my products. I want people to understand how GSO can help to uplift and sweeten their mood.  I want them/you to know how I go to bed at night and wake up with more creative ideas, provided to me by the Almighty Creator.  Every product available to you by us, came from to me while I was sleeping and never from looking at what someone else was doing.  

I want everyone to know that, this business, that I created from the depth of my soul, GOOD SCENTS OILS, will be around, even after my time has passed.  

Grateful * Thankful * Blessed 

Regina Earvin 

Founder, Creator, Owner 

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