Girl Please! Body Scrub

Girl Please is our signature sugar scrub with an attitude! when you've had an unbelievable day and you feel like EVERYTHING is coming at you, here is our evening prescription to soothe all the hell away and put you right back into a good mood!

3-n-1 Body Scrub – Exfoliates, Moisturizes & Scents your skin all at once. Treat your skin to a real spa affect right inside your bathroom. Polish, Glaze & Nourish your outer layer with real sugar, nourishing oils, butters & vitamin e.

How to use: Cleanse with your regular body wash then apply to wet skin by scooping palm size helpings from jar, scrub from neck to toe (excluding your face), rinse off under warm shower water. Simply pat or air dry and whalaaa~


Warning: Our body scrubs are highly addictive; you will not want to shower without one.

Caution: Can be very slippery in the shower!

From the Good Scents Oils Her Ego Collection

Main ingredients: Sugar, shea butter, fragrance and vitamin e

Color: Peach, Pink

Shelf Life: One Year

Price & Packaging: We reserve the right to change prices and packaging at any time.

Product Released 12/13/2015

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
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By Deborah Jackson Saturday December 23, 2017
When I did this I gave it 5 stars don’t know what happen But this is a great product and the scent is wonderful!!
Smells so good!!!
By Debbie j Sunday December 17, 2017
This smells so good. The scent last all night and day! My cotworkers ask me all the time what do you have on????! These scrubs will keep you skin so moisturizer and so soft. Guys once you uses this you will never want to take a bath without ????????????